Old Bexley Equine College is a privately funded learning facility in the South East of London ideally suited for students from Inner London and Outer London Boroughs of the Capital.
Students attend by private arrangement 

Courses on offer include

  • BHS STAGE 1-4 with Skills record full sign off & up to S4 (HorseCare Only)
  • BHS Ride Safe In-house Training 
  • ABRS Progressive Riding Tests
  • Pony Club Tests and Awards
  • YELA Young Volunteer Programme

For Private Horse Owners Only

  • Progressive Riding Tests 
  • BHS Challenge Awards
  • BHS Pony Stars Programme
  • BHS Leadership Awards
OBEC Fast Track* courses are an effective way of learning in a small personal fully equipped facility with a variety of quality horses and ponies at various levels of training.

Placements are available now for the new year 2024/2025

We have a limited number of Working Pupil Placements to train for British Horse Society Assessments including Stage 2/3 Teach/Coaching practice ( Weekends)
Applications are invited  for 16-18yr old to start their equine career in a experienced riding centre offering training for British Horse Society Assessments from Ride Safe to Stage 1 - 4.
We offer courses and day attendance for Home Educated students from Pre-school to Senior.
We also offer training for Stage 2 - 3 Teaching. 
Appenticeships are available for 16-18yrs on Application. A CV should be sent to oldbex@aol.com . Assessment is carried out with Haddon Training  and KEITS for 2024/2025
Old Bexley Equine College offer a variety of courses for the horse owner who is looking to gain more knowledge of looking after their own horse via the new British Horse Society Challenge Awards and Progressive Riding Tests 
Ride Safe Training. **
*Please note fast track courses are only suitable for those students that have some independent riding skills up to cantering and 50cm jumping. 
**All British Horse Society Assessment fees are not including in the training/course fees and are required to be paid directly to the BHS on the application for assessment on a date agreed by the tutor.
For all other assessment training contact direct: oldbex@aol.com

NEW for SEPTEMBER 2024 : British Horse Society Stage One Working Student Course

Primarily aimed at Elective Home Educuated young persons aged 13years and up and those not in full time education.

Students can be new to horse for Horsecare course but would require some basic riding skills for the Stage 1 Complete to a least canter level.

Students would be required to complete a minimum of two days a week preferred 3 days a week to be better equipped for assessment.

Final assessment is carried out at a local BHS Assessment centre.   All assessment fees are included in the student course fees on application.

Final assessment date will be arranged in consultation with the OBEC Training Manager.


British Horse Society Stage 1 Horsecare:      Ref: BHS1HC24

Start date 16th September 2024 for 12 Weeks x 2/3 days a week. Predicted assessment date Dec 2024

British Horse Society Stage 1 Complete:       Ref: BHS1Com24

Start date 16th September 2024 for 12 weeks x 2/33 days a week. Predicted assessment date Jan 2025



For fees and application forms email the Training Manager : oldbex@aol.com